Sometimes we don’t find what we love, what we love ends up finding us. That is the founding basis of Abaco I Do, located in Abaco, The Bahamas. We began operating in 2014, after years of working within the hospitality industry in The Bahamas and assisting in planning and coordinating several weddings. What began as a spark of interest grew into a full burning passion, born from the desire to offer better services than what were currently available in the area. It was time to take off on our own.

   Getting married is a pretty big deal and merits a special celebration, creating wonderful memories that will stay with you forever. We know that as Wedding Planners, we are a part of a journey, not a process and it takes a hardworking, committed team that cares about it as much as you do.

    The most amazing feeling is finally seeing that big day come to life after months, sometimes years of planning and organizing and knowing that you played a major role in that magic. There is nothing more intrinsically rewarding.

How it began...

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